Monday, June 2, 2014

Is Live Music Affordable?

Buying live music is something that most people do only a few times in their lives—a wedding, a  40th anniversary, a christening or bar mitzvah. It can be a  difficult and more complicated process than sorting through the myriad of options when purchasing a new piece of technology like a smart phone device or computer. Many assume that a band is just too expensive, hard to manage, too loud, too much trouble, too daunting to purchase. Not true. Bands can be affordable. The fact is, however, that a band is usually one of the last purchases made, and by the time you get around to music, you are overwhelmed and overspent. Bands do have a large price range. The larger agencies with flashy show-type bands (4 singers up front, large horn section and concert style sound systems) are expensive. They can run $8, 000 to $15, 000. A smaller band, like ourselves, carries a self-contained sound system, with 6 to 8 musicians, giving you great value. You get singers, horns, and a rhythm section (with the same variety of music as the bigger more expensive bands) at a competitive FRACTION OF THE PRICE. You often get better service, too, because you are actually dealing with bandleaders who will be present at your party, instead of a representative or agent which is one layer away from communication between you and musicians. In our case, as bandleaders, we are invested in every part of your event. We help you in the planning, work on musical selections, and with you through the entire event. And the great news is, the price can range from $2000-5000, depending on the number of musicians and hours, (whether there are musicians for cocktail hour or ceremony, on the day of the event.) That price is comparable to the cost of a DJ, and you get all the benefits of having real LIVE musicians playing and singing especially for you. And guess what? WE CAN DJ for you too, if there is club music you want or you just need to hear the original version of a special song. So, if you are interested in live music and concerned about price, give us a call. We are the bandleaders and musicians. There are no middle-men, no agent or sales fees. We are flexible and happy to work with you on a plan that fits you, your tastes, your party, your budget, and gives you GREAT VALUE.
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